Sunday, August 3, 2014

Changes Coming To Lunatic Pope Press This Fall

This is the new Lunatic Pope Press logo. You love it. Of course you do. I'm pretty much a genius and only create gold. 
No, seriously, I do hope you like the new logo because it is going to be branded on all Lunatic Pope Press releases. 
Why does this matter? What does this mean?
Basically, I'm going to make a uniform brand for all products released and will be presenting everything in a bit more professional manner. 
No need to worry too much, I am still A LUNATIC POPE, and will be staying pretty far on the fringe. 
Right now, ALL of The Discordian Holy Books are ON SALE!  If you haven't checked that out NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO, because once the sale ends, all of the Discordian Books will be reworked, branded, and repriced. That means what is for sale and on sale right now will be RARE, LIMITED FIRST PRINTINGS!!
Next thing to go is the poetry books. Since the book Chubby White Monkey: And Other Fables contains all previous poetry books in one collection, I will be taking all of the individual books off the market when I release the updated and branded Chubby White Monkey this fall. That means all the rest of the poetry books are going to be RARE COLLECTORS ITEMS!! If you're missing one from the collection, get it this month. 
Lastly, I have been working on the finishing touches to my erotica short story collection.

Expect great things.